Hong Kong Urban planners and builders in Hong Kong face many obstacles such as mountains val leys and bodies of water as well as extreme climatic fluctuations and cash strapped resi dents 7 1 million people live in an area cov ering just 1 100 square kilometers that s 6 400 people per square kilometer By com parison the ratio in Hamburg is around 2 300 Moreover around 50 million tourists visit Hong Kong every year A perfect local public transport system Only eight percent of the population use bikes or private cars In most large European cit ies the proportion of cars amounts to 40 to 70 percent The number of cars per capita in Hong Kong is one of the lowest of the study with 73 per 1 000 inhabitants In Western Europe and the USA the ratio is around 500 vehicles The solution to the traffic chaos threat is an almost perfect system of local public transport LPT The star of local public transport is the sub way In congested areas the next station is no more than five minutes away on foot The close ly meshed network of the public bus system is reinforced by a range of private providers mini buses The vans do not run to a fixed timetable and their routes stretch predominantly from one side of the city to the other A shout lets the driv er know when passengers want to hop on or off But even an exemplary example of urban mobility like Hong Kong also has its weak points namely car sharing bike sharing and cycle paths The fact that the push bike is al most non existent as a means of transport is again due to the high population density Side walks and roads are packed with people taxis and buses Bike paths don t exist Many Hong Kong Chinese don t even know how to ride a bike as it was never part of their upbringing at home or at school Mastered Hong Kong is a pioneer in overcoming challenges in urban mobility 25

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