the outset a successful combination that was ultimately crowned with the 2016 2107 cham pionship title The energy is supplied by a near 320 kilogram battery which is standard for all teams located at the rear of the car Second unique feature Formula E does not stage its races on permanent race tracks but exclusively on temporary circuits in the cities In this way motorsport comes to the fans and not vice versa The unusual and attractive venues are made possible by the low noise level of the cars and zero emissions Even the electricity required to charge the batteries is produced directly on location using an Aquafuel glycerin generator The venues are unique in the motorsport world Buenos Aires Paris New York London and Beijing are just a few examples of the megacities on whose roads Formula E cars race Manufacturer involvement on the increase Electromobility plays an increasingly larger role in the automotive sector An ever growing number of manufacturers use the opportunity to present their own brands in a charged environ ment like Formula E In the coming 2017 2018 season Audi takes over the defending champi on s entry and changes the name to Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler In the subsequent season BMW also enters Formula E as works team Porsche and Mercedes Benz follow a year later Electrifying Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport future 3

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