Mexico City By contrast the situation in the center looks better Local residents and tourists can choose from a variety of options available in a well developed public transit system radio taxis buses or the metro with a total of 195 stations Unusual approaches So what options are available now to master the great chaos According to José Castillo there is no single all en compassing solution as mobility is made up of numerous factors for which equal ly diverse solutions must be found and coordinated A very creative project was launched last year The nearly five kilo meter long cable car service El Mexica ble with its two cableways and 190 cars carries some 3 000 passengers per hour across Ecatepec de Morelos one of the most populous districts of Mexico City Whereas other big cities are on a des perate hunt for additional parking space Mexico City has more than enough The total of 6 5 million parking places for pas senger cars account for 42 percent of the entire developed area The government now intends to reduce them particularly at locations where public transit has been well developed José Castillo once described the urban por trait of Mexico City as huge looking pretty chaotic and certainly being selfish The Mex ican Harvard professor is a renowned expert in the fields of urban planning and mobility Together with his team he has developed a system that gathers and analyzes real time traffic data in Mexico City for which he re ceived the prestigious Audi Urban Future Award in 2014 that recognizes mobility solu tions for cities But in the case of Mexico City a single good idea is not enough 20 million people live in the metropolitan area and nearly nine million in the core of the city More than four million passenger cars 120 000 taxis 28 000 buses and tens of thousands of trucks travel daily in and around Mexico s capital these are the facts And the result it takes the 300 000 commuters nearly three hours per day to get to work in the business districts according to the IBM Commuter Pain Index This means every one of them spends about a month per year caught in a traffic jam There are no alternatives to passenger cars available to commuters As a result of the privatization of the Mexican railroad system service on all passenger train lines from and to Mexico City was discontinued in 1996 37

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