transportation The world famous Métro is the ideal way to get around 16 lines carry more than five million people per day back and forth between some 300 stations Two lines are even operated automatically without a driver Above ground the bus network covering the entire ur ban center is the Métro s counterpart The open top hop on hop off double decker buses that can be used to explore Paris are more of a tourist attraction than an effective means of transporta tion Street cars provide another alternative Paris is a paradise and role model in terms of vehicle sharing as well A public bike rental system has been in existence since 2007 with stations to be found practically every 300 me ters The same principle applied to automobiles is called Autolib which makes 3 000 electric cars available for rent in the Paris metropolitan area No less a figure than the mayor of Paris To a driver who is unfamiliar with the city Paris poses a challenge Obscure routing of streets traffic jams galore huge traffic circles and prac tically no parking places Plus there s the con tinually clogged Boulevard Périphérique The 35 kilometer ring road routes traffic around Par is and into the metropolis and is undersized in spite of its eight lanes in both directions Traffic in Paris not only puts a strain on the nerves of those caught in it but above all on the environment In winter 2016 a huge cloud of smog robbed the city of love of its charm Motorized traffic in Paris and the 22 surround ing communities was restricted for several days Only vehicles with license plate numbers ending in specified digits were allowed to be used Those who d like to contribute their fair share to environmental protection in Paris use public Cars in abundance in spite of a first rate public transportation network Paris the capital of France is a place where mobility s curses and blessings exist side by side Comme ci comme ça 44

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