1 2 M vehicles per day use Boulevard Périphérique one of the world s most heavily traveled roads 18 000 herself has declared war on the automotive madness in her city Anne Hidalgo would like to create more room for pedestrians and cyclists and intends to achieve this by cutting individual transportation on the two main axes traversing the city from east to west in half A top tier activist Environmental pollution is archaic ac cording to Hidalgo At the end of last year she had a 3 3 kilometer section of the street on the right bank of the Seine River closed to traffic These and other actions have been successful according to the city administrati on which says the number of vehicles trave ling in the center has dropped from 43 000 to 36 000 The introduction of an electric tram bus between Gare de Lyon and Pont du Garig liano to the tune of 35 million euros is another one of Hidalgo s forward thinking projects bicycles at 1 300 stations are available to customers of the Paris bike sharing system Vélib La ville de l amour The Seine in front and the Eiffel Tower in the background Paris is world famous for panoramas like this one Paris 45

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