the main streets and roads have speed limits of 30 km h at least some of the time Transpor tation Senator Regine Günther would like to in troduce additional 30 km h zones in order to further reduce harmful emissions In spite of the large number of passen ger cars in the city Berliners cover four in ten distances on foot or on bicycles Accordingly non motorized ways of getting around town are highly important Since 2001 340 new pedestrian crossing installations such as ze bra marked crosswalks have been created in Berlin Cyclists by now are able to use more than 1 000 kilometers of bikeways These ac tions have produced a measureable effect as residents are now running more of their errands on foot than by car in downtown Berlin Those preferring to be chauffeured in Berlin use public transportation Verkehrsver bund Berlin Brandenburg VBB with some 30 000 square kilometers is one of Europe s largest transportation associations in terms of area covered Regional trains commuter trains the subway streetcars and buses have more than 3 100 stops and a network length of some 1 900 kilometers which roughly equates to the distance between Berlin and Moscow Prompting transformation New Mobility Berlin this is the name of a promising initiative The project analyzes and supports the rollout of e mobility solutions in Ber lin s neighborhoods in combination with new types of space utilization concepts and mobility offerings The objective is to sustainably up grade residential areas by means of innovative mobility concepts Residents are to be motivated to deregister their cars and to instead use a mix of car sharing cargo bi cycles pedelecs and similar types of transportation Berliners have already had opportunities to fa miliarize themselves with these alternatives during various weeks dedicated to the promotion of this campaign Berlin 20 300 M per year on road construction and on maintenance and energy costs incurred for the city s road network errands per day on average are run by every Berliner in public areas with about 70 minutes spent in traffic3 production sites and four research and development centers are operated by Schaeffer in Germany 49

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