be spotted by its unmistakable yellow color 13 000 vehicles are registered with the New York City Taxi Limousine Commission which is an agency of the city s government Cab driv ers have to take their passengers to any desired destination within the five boroughs of Manhat tan Brooklyn Queens Bronx and Staten Island as well as Nassau County Westchester County and Newark Airport The New York Water taxi though is more of a tourist attraction than a serious means of transportation taking visitors on sightseeing tours of hot spots such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty by ship Avoiding collapse Like those in practically any big city the pub lic streets in New York are bursting at the seams from an avalanche of passenger cars Accommo dating more and more vehicles in less and less space Mayor Bill de Blasio views autonomous mobility as the solution to this major challenge Small electric vehicles that are practically in motion all the time are intended to help reduce petroleum consumption and CO2 emissions and The Globalization and World Cities Research Network GaWC in its most recent index of the world s most important cities awarded the high est possible rating of Alpha to New York mak ing it the only one to have received it besides London So the 8 5 million residents near 20 million in the metropolitan area and the 50 mil lion tourists per year can consider themselves lucky In New York many people seek to enjoy a wide variety of activities in many different places A well functioning range of transporta tion is a requirement for this In terms of local public transportation the U S megacity de serves top ratings The Subway is fast and air conditioned and the fares are very low Some 6 000 cars operating on 27 lines carry 4 5 mil lion passengers per day back and forth between nearly 500 stations The Subway s counterpart above ground is an equally well developed sys tem of bus services Two million passengers per day use the 4 000 buses operating on 235 lines A classic in the streets and practically a symbol of the city is the Yellow Cab a taxi that can The Statue of Liberty Central Park the Manhattan skyline Wall Street New York City is a city of superlatives In terms of mobility though the Big Apple is confronted with similar issues as other megacities An innovative idea is to provide some relief New York New York 52

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