counteract the scarcity of space At the same time they enhance the effectiveness and effi ciency of mobility as privately owned passenger cars are practically just parked 90 percent of the day According to a survey autonomously driven taxis would cover the same passenger transpor tation requirements with only 70 percent of the taxis currently needed Once upon a time The traffic scenario of a big city dominated by electric vehicles the future of mobility be ing worked on today was reality in New York as far back as 120 years ago In 1896 silent light weight and unlike horse drawn carriages odor and emission neutral e taxis would chauffeur tourists and residents from A to B The vision of a clean city was a viable one at that time albe it only until shortly after the turn of the century The fleet of electric vehicles grew on a much larg er scale than the required battery exchange sta tions resulting in unreliable service The cost ef ficient internal combustion engine outstripped the electric motors A mega metropolis at its best 50 million tourists visit New York per year New York 90 000 100 000 of income per year are necessary to lead a normal life with some variety in New York which makes the city one of the most expensive places to live in the world manufacturing locations and three research and development centers are operated by Schaeffler in the United States8 is the fare per single trip on the New York Subway Passengers pay with the MetroCard a plastic magnetic stripe card 2 50 53

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