Montreal In the current Future of Urban Mobility index published by Arthur D Little Montreal ranks behind New York as North America s second most advanced city in terms of mobility 2nd place plant in Canada in Stratford while Montreal is home to a distribution partner Schaeffler Canada Inc Schaeffler has reached on five lines of the suburban trains de banlieue system In terms of passenger car traffic Quebec has assumed a pioneering role The Climate Change Action Plan launched in 2013 provides for a 20 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 versus 1990 Subsidies to encourage the use of electric vehicles among other things are to help achieve this aim The government has appropriated 420 million dol lars for this purpose targeting the number of fully electric and plug in hybrid vehicles to have reached 100 000 within the space of three years and as many as 300 000 by 2026 A paradise for bikes Passenger car or local public transporta tion in most big cities people have only this limited choice to get from A to B In Montreal though there s another viable option the bicy cle In the Copenhagenize Bicycle friendly Cit ies index Montreal has been ranking in the top 20 for many years without fail Since 2009 its bicycle path network has been extended from 400 to 750 kilometers The city is also home to BIXI Montréal a continually growing bike rental service One in two Montreal residents uses a bicycle at least once a week according to the Vélo Quebec non profit organization With an area of nearly ten million square ki lometers Canada is the second largest coun try in the world after Russia However being home to only 36 5 million people and having merely two cities with more than one million inhabitants the North American country is one of the least densely populated nations For comparison the United States is a few thousand square kilometers smaller but has ten times as many inhabitants and nine cities with a population of more than one million Montreal is regarded as one of Canada s most interesting cities The French speaking metropolis is located in the south west of the province of Quebec on the Île de Montréal Due to its location on an island Montreal can only be reached by land via 24 bridges and three tunnels In urban transit the sub way Metro Montreal operated by Société de transport de Montréal STM stands out in particular Seven lines covering a total distance of 69 kilometers provide daily ser vice to 1 1 million passengers making Metro Montreal the most heavily frequented subway in Canada An equally well developed bus network complements local public transpor tation Daily 1 4 million commuters use the 197 daytime and 23 nighttime lines of the city Places in the metropolitan area can be 57

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