Tech Talk with this on a usual motorcycle with 28 kW power equivalent to about 38 hp for exactly one hour at full throttle Compared to gaso line this corresponds to the energy volume of about three liters The greatest challenges in the design of the Formula E batteries are their cooling durability and robustness for use in racing cars that are exposed to many forces In addition Williams must ensure that equality of opportunity is ensured by equal batteries for all drivers at all times In two years time 2018 2019 McLaren Applied Technologies a sister company of the F1 racing team McLar en will supply the new generation of batteries These are supposed to provide twice as much energy with the same dimensions and thus make the usual vehicle change in the middle of the race obsolete How are the batteries charged In line with the philosophy of Formula E to see electric mobility as an essential step towards a more environmentally conscious and sustain able use of energy on our planet the energy for race cars on the race track comes from a sus tainable source of energy This is achieved by the British company Aquafuel Research Ltd which has modified conventional diesel gen erators to be transported in containers to the races around the world and deliver the electrici ty for the 40 racing cars with virtually zero emis sion glycerol as the source of energy Aquafuel has a patent on this principle In fact it has been shown that the transparent and tasteless glycerin not only protects the generators better but also burns more efficiently The battery of a Formula E racing car is fully charged in this way within roughly 45 minutes Is there energy recovery Yes the motor in the back can also be used as a generator Now 150 kW of energy recovery is possible up to now it was 100 kW A strate gic tool that drivers can use with an intelligent driving style Which kinds of electric drives are available in Formula E As the exclusive technology partner Schaeffler developed the powertrain for the ABT Schaeffler FE02 together with ABT Sportsline The ten For mula E teams have opted for different solu tions ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport combines an electric motor with a three speed transmission However there are also teams that use only one or two gears and thus two electric motors or a larger one Is Schaeffler researching and develop ing other electromobile drives With more than 85 000 employees in 50 coun tries worldwide Schaeffler is one of the world s leading companies in drive technology Elec tromobility includes purely electric driving as well as hybrid solutions as a combination of two drive technologies Schaeffler with a wide product range offers a large variety of solu tions for the automotive industry ranging from micro hybrid 12 volts mild hybrid 48 volts to high voltage 200 volts concepts in the form of full or high voltage plug in hybrids and range extender variants The electrical energy of the battery is converted into mechanical energy to power the rear wheels via drive shafts While there are different types of electric motors they all use power from a magnetic field The rotor and or stator are fed with electric current which generates this magnetic field Now the current in the stator is always switched precise ly in a way that causes its magnetic field with the North and South Poles to behave in exact opposi tion to the rotor s magnetic field thus repelling the stator and causing the rotor to turn a little farther Afterwards plus and minus on the rotor are re versed and the rotor and stator repel once more A major difference in the drivability of electric motors versus internal combustion engines lies in their torque characteristics An electric motor always delivers full torque immediately when starting from rest which is one reason why particularly start ing from rest and accelerating an electric vehicle comes as a pleasant surprise to any rookie Formu la E race cars accelerate from zero to 100 km h in about three seconds An electric motor This is how it works 67

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