How is sustainability defined Hans Carl von Carlowitz may be regarded as the originator of the term According to von Carlowitz a mining administrator the amount of wood cut in a forest should be limited to that which the forest could naturally regenerate a maxim he advocated as far back as in the 17th century The verb to sustain means to keep up or prolong so in a broader sense the prin ciple of sustainability ensures that a natural system is preserved for a long time Applied to present day political economic and environ mental activities this translates into striving for conditions in which future generations will not be disadvantaged in fulfilling their needs compared to those living today Based on this there are various approaches to defining sus tainability all of which have in common that it is always focused on the present and the future and that resources should be protected par ticularly those that are not renewable 1 How does Formula E position itself in terms of sustainability Formula E has set itself the goal of being a role model for sustainability and to enhance public awareness of this topic As the world s first ful ly electric racing series it is a pioneer in mo torsport The future of transport and mobility is electric autonomous and connected says Alejandro Agag the CEO of FIA Formula E This is a revolution Formula E is going to shape the way we are going to drive our cars in the future Formula E in a manner of speaking defines itself as a high tech laboratory in which world class international companies drive in novations in concert and in competition with each other in order to accelerate the develop ment and production of clean forward thinking technology Formula E s philosophy is think global and act local The popularity of Formu la E might help boost sales of electric vehicles by an additional 77 million in the next 25 years according to a study by Ernst Young What are further aims Formula E aims to become the world s first CO2 neutral racing series Even at this point it has received multiple sustainability awards The 2016 finale in London was certified according to ISO 20121 the highest standard for sustainability in the events sector The few large scale events to have achieved this include the 2012 Olympics in London the 2016 Olym pics in Rio the French Open tennis tournament and the 2016 UEFA European Championship in France All races are intended to progressively become certified according to this standard 1 Sources www nachhaltigkeit info Wikipedia Motorsport with a clear focus on thefuture Sustainability 68

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