Tech Talk Sustainability at Schaeffler Sustainability as the central driver and promo tion of eco conscious mobility for tomorrow plays a key role in the series philosophy and specifically in the formulation of its Sporting and Technical Regulations A few examples are listed below Calendar of events and logistics The calendar of events has been designed so that race cars and equipment can be transport ed to the majority of the venues by truck train or ship and only to a few of them by aircraft a responsibility that has been assumed by logis tics partner DHL Races in the hearts of cities Formula E events are held on temporary circuits set up in the hearts of major cities Motorsport comes directly to the spectators and not vice versa Formula E actively encourages the use of public transportation to attend the races and provides no dedicated parking facilities Vehicle development The regulations provide for further develop ments to be made by the participating teams vehicle manufacturers and technology corpo rations only in areas where this makes sense As a result updates of aerodynamics are pro hibited and the racing chassis is identical for all teams Innovations in the area of the pow ertrain electric motor inverter transmission and control electronics as well as the cool ing system and rear suspension are definite ly required and essential to success as well Battery management and driving style are particularly important factors This is where the race drivers can play a part as well plus provide valuable input to the engineers also for the development of electric powertrains for road going vehicles Energy The trackside energy for the race cars comes from a sustainable source Aquafuel Research Ltd a UK based company has modified con ventional diesel generators for this purpose so that they supply the electricity for the 40 race cars with near zero emission glycerin as the en ergy source Tires The specification tire has been designed as a hybrid tire so that it works on both a dry and a wet track The tires last for the full race day and are subsequently recycled Roborace During the races evolutions of fully autono mous race cars are created and presented to the spectators Catering Attention is paid to sustainability in catering activities for race personnel and fans as well the keywords being local seasonal vegetari an vegan organic and fair trade Post race activities Together with its partner Chargemaster Formula E installs ten charging stations for electric vehi cles at every venue that remain in the city Long term profitable growth is not possible without a comprehensive commitment to sustainability that is why sustainability at Schaeffler is important across the entire value chain including Research and Development Purchasing Production Logistics Marketing Sales and Aftersales With sustainability anchored in its corpo rate DNA Schaeffler has been linking its business success with acting responsibly toward the environment people and society A vital component of corporate culture Sustainability in Formula E 69

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