Tech Talk What s the car s name Daniel Abt doesn t take pleasure in christening a race car Especially when the names are those of women My race cars have never had any names So the German s two ABT Schaeffler FE02 are simply called by the chassis numbers assigned to them by their manufacturer Spark 34 and 52 Is there a favorite car Absolutely it s clearly 52 says Daniel Abt laughing although he can t really explain the reason for his preference It feels like this car handles better and it s easier for me to achieve a fast lap in it even though I obvious ly know that actually both cars are identical So it s clear that Chassis 52 is also the car Abt drives in qualifying How painful is it so see the beloved 52 being damaged in a crash Accidents in one of the practice sessions above all mean one thing extremely hard work for the mechanics That s why they re the ones Daniel Abt thinks of first One of the first thoughts that cross my mind after a crash goes to my guys in the pits he says Especially in Formula E there s extremely little time between the sessions plus temperatures are often extreme and in spite of this they pull it off again and again How can a race driver tell that his car is perfectly prepared It s not the car itself but all the stuff going on around it When I arrive at the pits I can im mediately sense what the story is says Daniel Abt If the mechanics and engineers project cool professional composure the racing pro knows everything s in top shape Another good sign the way the 34 and 52 look Even though of course it really says nothing I get good vi brations when the red and the Schaeffler logos shine and sparkle How comfortable is the car Can you get bruised in it Very much so A single seater is never comfort able especially if you re pretty tall like I am says Daniel Abt Elbows and knees always take During a Formula E round a car change is mandato ry The reason is that the capacity of the battery a little more than 28 kilowatt hours does not yet suf fice for a full race Timing of the car change is up to the teams but for strategic reasons the pit stop stage is usually within a few laps of the race s midpoint A minimum time from entering and exiting the pit lane is prescribed to ensure that the drivers are perfectly buckled up Sensors on the harness will be checking this in the future The seconds in the pits are show time for two mechanics they take the steering wheel off and put it back on adjust the harnesses and buckle the driver up again all within a few seconds In the battle for tenths on the track this may decide the race Front runners in terms of perfectly timed stops ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport a beating The car change in Formula E is par ticularly challenging Although during the race and because of all the adrenaline I don t notice it I ll always find a sore on my leg at night that I got in the heat of the action Does the relationship between car and driver continue at home If it were up to Daniel Abt it definitely would We have a museum in Kempten but unfortunately the only one of my cars in it is my Formula Mas ters winning car But the youngster wouldn t be happy just looking at the cars anyway The cool est thing would be if every car was ready to run and you could drive around the house a little on weekends dreams Daniel Abt Car Hopping 71

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