Full control The cockpit keyboard Steering wheel The steering wheel itself is identical for all teams however we can customize the func tions of all the controls and the display ex plains the Brazilian Every team and some times even every driver has their own ideas or wishes in this respect A constant eye on energy consumption Besides the standard functions found on any motorsport steering wheel there s one that s particularly important in Formula E the one that helps keep an eye on energy consumption The display shows us the respective state of charge and we can manually adjust the number of laps in order to have the maximum amount of ener gy per lap recalculated says di Grassi Another exclusive feature of a Formula E steering wheel the paddle to activate the FanBoost Schaeffler on YouTube Race drivers explain modern motorsport steering wheels 72 1 2 3 4 5 6

Vorschau Schaeffler Fact Sheet XXL - FE 2017 EN Seite 72
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