Dr Simon Opel Director Special Projects Motorsports at Schaeffler Tech Talk Control center provides guidance 1 Screen change on display 2 Adjustment to remaining laps 3 Activation of selected functions 4 Team radio 5 Transmission neutral 6 Brake settings 7 Adjustment to remaining laps 8 Reverse gear 9 Speed limiter full course yellow 10 Speed limiter pit lane 11 Output adjustment selector 12 Discretionary function 13 Upshifting 14 Activation of FanBoost additional power 15 Downshifting 16 Recuperation Dr Opel can Formula E races be won thanks to the numerous functions on the steering wheel Yes in Mexico we just witnessed this with Lucas di Gras si s sensational victory He switched cars long before the race s midpoint which was far too early to have a chance with the energy left in the battery against his rivals who changed later Clearly Lucas profited from another safety car period and from another driver who slowed his immediate rivals But the key to his victory besides the strategically bold decision to stop early and our very efficient powertrain was his wealth of experience and sensitive driving style which he optimized using the functions on the steering wheel What did he have to do Save energy and recuperate as much as possible And for this he needs the large number of functions and indicators on his high tech steering wheel When he normally applies the brake the interaction between the brake and recupera tion is automatically controlled However he has two other influencing factors which he can control on the steering wheel One is that at the end of the race when the battery gets very warm he has to readjust the brake balance rotary control knob 6 because the intensity of recupera tion changes which means that the braking effect via the recharging of the battery diminishes The other and Lucas masters this perfectly is that he can manually recuperate at any time without braking lever 16 How small was his margin The residual energy was just enough for the celebra tion donuts 73 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

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