Lucas after your victory in Mexico you said that this has arguably been the best race in your career How did you feel being the hunted on so many laps who even had to fear running out of energy in the end Well this wasn t the first time for me to be in a situation like that the one at the season open er in Hong Kong was similar However thanks to our simulations with the team we were really well prepared for any contingency and had a precise strategy Plus I managed to drive very very efficiently particularly on the last laps To some extent my performance even surpassed the computer s optimum simulation That really surprised us and as so often in Formula E we learned something again Obviously the team and I were absolutely euphoric when we held the trophy in our hands Could you explain what possibilities in terms of energy management you have as a driver in a race Driving very efficiently is of paramount impor tance In each of my two race cars I have exactly 28 kilowatt hours of energy available Assum ing that I have to drive 28 laps on this amount before switching cars this means that I can con sume exactly one kilowatt hour per lap So now I have to get around the circuit on this energy In Formula E efficient energy management is totally crucial Clever saver Energy management 74

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