Tech Talk The development of the highly efficient powertrain in the ABT Schaeffler FE02 is the result of the coopera tion between Schaeffler and ABT The development objectives were to achieve an electric motor deliver ing high torque and high efficiency in combination with a transmission enabling short shift times for the three gears considered to be the optimum choice In addition the development was focused on lightweight design and lowering the center of gravity to the extent possible and on optimum tuning of the power electronics for the interaction of the motor the transmission the mechanical and the electric brake via the electric motor recuperation Last but not least system management i e the software is the key to success in an electric powertrain Software adjustments are the only modifications the regula tions permit during the season as fast as possible This includes a sensitive approach to driving because you can drive fast and waste energy in the process or drive fast while making efficient use of this energy My car provides me with various ways to influence this Every braking event produces energy which can be used to charge the battery this is called re cuperation When I brake using the foot pedal part of the energy is automatically recuperated about ten percent of the entire braking energy This ten percent is very important because I can directly use it again for acceleration on the next long straight In addition I have a lever on the steering wheel that I use for braking strictly via the electric motor and for very efficient recuper ation Good energy management is a successful combination of driving style vehicle setup and race strategy How can you practice and perfectly prepare for this We prepare before the events because in For mula E practice qualifying and the race all take place on the same day Computers assist us with the initial basics And as drivers we then sit in the team s simulator to fine tune all the details It may take two or three days or even longer to optimize the suspension and the pow ertrain setup in terms of energy management for all possible scenarios Are your team and your race engineer of any help to you during the race After all you have all the data on your display They re a big help During the race they give me pointers and recommendations precisely for the important items and keep an eye on en ergy management together with me This has a major influence on my driving style and the settings I select from the various options on the steering wheel As a race driver doesn t the fact that you have to use energy as efficiently as possible instead of just driving flat out bother you No it doesn t Even in conventional race cars whether they re powered by gasoline or diesel you only have a limited amount of fuel Efficient powertrain you can use This is also the case at Le Mans for example where the LMP1 race cars as hybrid vehicles have to efficiently manage a specified amount of electrical energy and fuel energy And off the race tracks this applies to personal mobility using road cars as well We d like to and have to get from A to B as efficiently as possible In the development of these technolo gies Formula E with its regulations and strong focus on energy management is a great help This has clarified a lot but the question re mains of how exactly in this car you re able to do something that others drivers don t achieve quite as precisely What s your secret If there was one I d like to keep it to myself 75

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