The curves displayed on the screen at first glance look like stock charts that sometimes rise briskly rarely stagnate for long but fre quently drop dramatically Yet when Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi look at these charts the stakes to them are greater than those relating to mundane matters of money The lines show the steering angle brake pressure speed or the po sition of the gas pedal Plotted in color on a black background they indicate where the two campaigners of Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport either lose or gain time They can make the dif ference between victory and defeat 40 megabytes in a race We glean about 40 megabytes of data from an entire Formula E race says system engineer Rui Alves At that time though the data serves only to follow up on the previous and to prepare for the next commitment Far more important are the analyses we provide to the drivers between practice sessions says Alves For this purpose the ABT Schaeff ler FE02 is quickly connected to a network cable at each pit stop to download the data The use of telemetry in other words radio Wire tapping The data from the car is read after each practice session Chart discussion Data analysis 76

Vorschau Schaeffler Fact Sheet XXL - FE 2017 EN Seite 76
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