The uppermost green curve shows the respective gear used The blue curve shows the steering angle The greater the upward slope the more the driver steers to the right the greater the downward slope the larger is the steering angle to the left The most important curve it plots the speed The greater the upward slope the faster the car is running This curve shows the electric motor s power output When the curve peaks it reflects maximum output of 200 kW while the valleys show that energy is being recuperated This curve plots brake pressure When the car is running faster the driver is able to make heavier use of the brake as more downforce is being generated and the wheels will not lock as fast When the driver brakes on entering a turn brake force decreases The green curve shows the position of the gas pedal On the largest part of the track the driver runs flat out When the slope of the curve hits rock bottom the driver is coasting to save energy This is where brake force distribution to the two brake circuits is depicted Either the front or the rear one is subjected to a greater load depending on the direction of the slope Tech Talk transmission is only permitted for other rea dings such as battery temperature Projecting the charts either on a laptop screen or plotting them in a printout takes about ten minutes Even a quick first glance at the data shows if any major issues like se vere over or understeer occurred says Alves In the next step Daniel and Lucas s best laps are visually superimposed this allows the drivers to immediately see where their team mate accelerates earlier brakes later or drives a different line Particularly due to the short time we have on track in Formula E taking a look at the data is worth a mint says Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi confirms Sometimes you re a little lost on a new race track That s when a direct com parison and a best of from our database often help you return to the racing line quickly This is what the lines mean 77

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