Home For sure it s where my family and friends are and that means it s not necessarily tied to a par ticular place For me home is where the people are that are important to me And in my case that happens to be the Allgäu region even if I wouldn t mind a different place laughs Friends For me the most important thing in life and I can really get sentimental about that is being surrounded by really good close friends Peo ple you can confide in with whom you can have fun and who are there when things aren t going so well for a change I think that s something we re all looking for And I m really happy to have a few good guys around me Always packed in my suitcase Clearly my camera What used to be just a hobby has since turned into a lot more Now I wouldn t call my YouTube channel my second line of work but we take it seriously and we re working on it very professionally I just enjoy taking my follow ers with me behind the scenes by the way on Instagram and Snapchat too All these projects were inspired by the fact that there is so much more to show than what can be seen on TV So we can bring people everywhere closer to to the ac tion around the clock and I can share my thoughts with them directly This is more intense and per sonal than a normal television interview My favorite tech toy High on my list is my new drone although I don t actually use it every day My MacBook and my Sony PlayStation are even higher on my list From Formula E this is what I d like to have in my road car In Formula E we re currently showing how sporty electric power can be Four of our camera without my Never Portrait Daniel Abt 78

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