Tech Talk Best Formula E moment There ve been quite a few Mexico was great in last place twice in the race and then winning it in the end My pole in Berlin with a broken leg and an advantage of a thousandth was special too even though I didn t know at the time that it was a fracture If not a racer what would you be I don t race and then go to the beach I race earn money with it and then invest it So I d either be an entrepreneur or an engineer or an inven tor I m a guy who always seeks competition I can t lose That makes me better as a racer and would probably be my character in any other line of work too Ultimately what matters in any of these areas is being the best being surrounded by the best people and extracting the most out of yourself and your projects That also distinguish es them from the world of art where everything is subjective So I d never have become an artist Talking about mobility for tomorrow what should Schaeffler invent for it Well in that case I d like to have a very efficient hybrid airplane that could fly autonomously or semi autonomously 81

Vorschau Schaeffler Fact Sheet XXL - FE 2017 EN Seite 81
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