From the early alternative via public transport and back into the automobile electric cars have enjoyed a rapid history spanning more than 100 years and are only now coming of age Fast currents 1899 Electrifying beginnings The car picks up speed The first car to exceed 100 km h the electric race car La Jamais Con tente made by Camille Jenatzy That was 1899 the same year that the Baker Motor Vehicle Company began to build electric cars Fully electric or hybrid drive from Ferdinand Porsche for the Lohner electric vehicle The same idea with the Mercedes Eléctrique and Mercedes Mixte Up to 1939 Detroit Electric models with more than a 100 kilometer driving range Around the turn of the century there were more electric cars on the road than combustion ones Only with the improvement of performance range and gas station networks do petrol powered vehicles take over 1972 The limits to growth Electric mobility means drive from a fixed elec tricity supply trams trains trolley buses But gasoline power comes under pressure The 1972 Club of Rome limits to growth finiteness of resources 1974 oil crisis The industry responds with rudimentary electric drives a BMW 1602 for the 1972 Olympics only has 32 kW 43 5 hp In fleet tests the electric transporters from Mercedes and VW equipped with the batteries that were still very heavy in those days and with a capacity of approx 22 kilowatt hours merely had a range of 60 to 80 kilometers And the electric models of Opel Mercedes and VW in a large scale project on the German island of Rügen are based on existing cars This is the wrong path 84

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