1996 Tailored for the future Two things are needed 1 A paradigm shift In 1996 General Motors is the first major manufacturer to offer a car specifical ly designed for electric drive Around 1 100 units of the EV1 are produced Its cw value 0 19 It reaches 130 km h with a range of around 250 km using 26 4 kWh from a nickel metal hydride battery 2 A technological leap based on lithium ion batteries from Sony With these batteries Tesla joins the car industry in 2008 with a roadster 200 km h top speed 350 kilometer range In Japan the Mitsubishi i MiEV has been rolling off the assembly line since 2009 Today there are many electric cars and Schaeffler is a sought after partner 1997 Attractive alternatives The bridging solution comes from the hybrid drive using the combustion engine and electricity Toyota makes the breakthrough in 1997 the Prius is a million seller Electric drive is also possible without a battery hydrogen and oxygen generate electricity in a fuel cell that drives the car In 2003 a Mercedes A class F Cell is the world s first fuel cell passenger car to go into small scale production Since 2015 Toyota has produced the hydrogen model Mirai 2009 Motorsport The milestones of electric mobility in racing in July 2009 the first victory for a McLaren Mercedes with hybrid drive in Formula 1 In June 2012 the first Audi win with diesel electric drive at Le Mans In Sep tember 2014 FIA Formula E is launched as the first race series with electric drive Schaeffler is one of the pioneers with the ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport team June 2015 heralds the first overall victory of Rhys Millen s electric race car against petrol powered vehicles at Pikes Peak September 2016 world record for electric drive by Venturi with 549 km h in Bonneville 85

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