in this area It starts with a single speed ratio featuring either a coaxial in other words around a common axis or parallel axis de sign As the diff erential features a planetary design the transmission is extremely compact and off ers ample assembly space for the elec tric motor The motor in turn can be supplied either as a permanently excited PSM or as an asynchronous motor ASM with or without power electronics Other functional elements such as a parking lock complement the vari ous design versions Some plug in hybrid models require dy namic all electric operation up to 120 km h combined with high top speed In the two speed axle Schaeffl er off ers its customers a system for torque vectoring as well An addi tional transmission and an electric motor in the range of seven kilowatts allow torque to be systematically varied between the right and left driven wheel with a positive eff ect on lateral dynamics in other words sporty cor nering performance Perfectly coordinated interaction is a pre requisite for all the solutions to display their effi ciency In the case of hybrid automobiles electric motors power electronics the traction battery and the IC engine have to be precisely attuned to each other Schaeffl er off ers its cus tomers decades of know how relating to single P0 Belt driven starter generator for start stop systems Schaeffl er off ers belt tensioning systems and belt decouplers P1 Electric motor on the crankshaft Schaeffl er delivers integrated dampers and centrifugal pendulum absorbers P2 Installed position between the engine and transmission Schaeffl er produces complete modules disconnect clutch systems automated clutch systems integrated dampers and centrifugal pendulum absorbers P3 Electric motor in the transmission or on the transmission output shaft Schaeffl er produces electric motors with a mechanical reducing gear P4 Electric axle Schaeffl er off ers e axles for 48 volt and high voltage drive systems as well as subsystems such as mechanical transmissions and single components components and total systems The company based in Herzogenaurach is equally capable of executing the composition of the mechanical systems and the power electronics The latter provide electrical energy precisely fi tting the respective situation and application Schaeffl er cooperates with Semikron and thus expands its electronics expertise Power electronics are optimized for every assembly space effi ciently convert electric energy control its utilization and coordinate the total system Tailor made for the customer Sophisticated software is a key to success for all alternative forms of propulsion In the P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 Installation options for hybrid systems 10

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