Know how along the energy chain Sustainable mobility for tomorrow can only be successful if the entire energy chain from production to demand based storage and conversion and through to utilization is used as the standard for evaluating propulsion concepts All this leads to a wide variety of drive systems for which Schaeffl er develops innovative solutions For the stations along the entire energy chain Schaeffl er off ers a wide range of powerful components and systems Energy production Sustainable mobility can only be successfully achieved if the primary energy for locomotion is produced from renewable sources such as wind power and hydropower solar energy or geothermal energy Schaeffl er develops powerful components for wind power and hydropower systems and assists the operators with services such as remote diagnosis In concert with its partners Schaeffl er is also exploring new ways of developing renewable sources such as electricity which can be predictably and eco nomically generated by wave and tidal power stations Energy storage and conversion Before energy will drive a wheel it must be placed into intermediate storage There are several possi bilities for this starting with the charging current for batteries In the fi eld of hydrogen fuell cell technolo gy Schaeffl er engineers are conduct ing research into surface coatings to enhance effi ciency Renewable elec tricity can also be used to produce synthetic fuels for IC engines which under certain prerequisites can be near CO2 neutral across the entire energy chain Energy utilization For the utilization of propulsion energy there are various solutions as well for which Schaeffl er off ers a wide range of special technologies In addition to optimizing the IC engine and the associated transmission Schaeffl er engineers are working on solutions to electrify the powertrain optimally coordinated interaction of the IC engine and electric motor for hybrid vehicles and tailored electric drive systems for battery electric and fuel cell vehicles 321 1 2 3 13

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