is the only byproduct generated in this pro cess Schaeffl er is exploring the coating of the bipolar plates which are the core element of the fuel cell Electricity from renewable sources can also be used to synthetically produce natural gas or liquid fuels so called syn fuels Electri cal energy can produce synthetic gases from liquids in various process steps Across the entire energy chain near CO2 neutral fuels can be produced and used this way They are made available by the conventional fi lling sta tion network Ideas for a complex mobility world The internal combustion engine will contin ue to be an important element in transporting people and goods Gutzmer stresses This not only applies to passenger cars but above all to commercial vehicles ships and aircraft for which there will be no serious battery electric alternative in the foreseeable future A look at the entire energy chain in particular opens up From well to wheel Many factors infl uence the assessment of environmental friendliness on energy s way from its point of production into the car prospects for a future in which diverse forms of propulsion will continue to exist side by side Consequently the optimization of the IC engine and conventional power transmission will remain essential In addition Schaeffl er is intensively working on the electrifi cation of the powertrain and on assisting the IC engine by ef fective electric motors Fully electric drive systems have long been part of the engineers routine business The holistic approach that takes the entire energy chain into account allows Schaeffl er to develop tailor made solutions for an increasingly com plex mobility world Low friction power transmission Thanks to effi cient bearings and power transmission Schaeffl er enhances the effi ciency of wind power utilization charging stations for e cars are expected to be built around the globe by 2020 according to a forecast by U S analysis specialists IHS Automotive 12 7 times as many as in 2014 12 700 000 is the expected range of an e car by 2020 In 2016 the range of all e cars sold in Germany was 270 kilometers 450 km electric vehicles were registered worldwide in 2016 accounting for less than 0 1 percent of all existing cars 1 300 000 14

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