ity of applications Technologies for low emis sion and zero emission driving encompass a wide variety of components because just like in the past and present there will not just be a single propulsion solution in the future either Schaeffl er has the appropriate concepts for all electric and hybrid power trains as well as those strictly using IC engines Electric propulsion will be an area of par ticular emphasis In the future Schaeffl er will be pooling a products and system solutions for hybrid and battery electric vehicles in a dedicated electric mobility business unit This Fact Sheet IAA provides a detailed account of the innovations from Herzogenaurach that are going to help save energy in our everyday lives in the future Future At the IAA 2017 Schaeffl er Hall 5 1 Stand A04 is showcasing technologies for low emission and zero emission driving of the future billed as Mobility for tomorrow now In 2017 the 67th International Motor Show is billed as Future now For Schaeffl er the leading German automotive trade show is one of the most important ones around the globe to present itself as an innovative supplier de monstrating forward thinking expertise in cen tral fi elds of technology This year Schaeffl er s appearance in Frankfurt is focused on three major topics environmentally friendly drive systems electric mobility and the entire ener gy chain as the standard for evaluating propul sion concepts The ideas from Herzogenaurach are a central element enabling mass produc tion of environmentally friendly powertrains Electric drive systems as a focal topic Schaeffl er s holistic concept addressing the challenges of the future refl ects the divers 3

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