2G ra ph ic s w w w jo se kd es ig n de Environmentally friendly drive systems Schaeffler is putting energy efficient technologies for low emission and zero emission driving into production The wide ranging development expertise of Schaeffler s engineers makes important contributions to an efficient and clean mobility world of tomorrow from electric to hybrid and through to IC engine powertrains Hybridization The electrification of the conventional powertrain offers significant savings potential 48 volt systems with components from Schaeffler represent a particularly cost efficient solution for driving with zero local emissions In addition to hybrid modules and electric axles electric clutch systems enabling new efficient and convenient functions can be integrated into existing vehi cle architectures as well a e Clutch b PP2 hybrid module for 48 volt and high voltage applications c Electric axle Powertrains using IC engines To further enhance the efficiency of IC engines Schaeffler offers a range of production ready products From sophisticated thermal manage ment significantly reducing the cold running phase to dynamic engine valve control through to cylinder deactivation Schaeffler has the holistic know how to make the design of the conventional powertrain as environmentally friendly as possible a Electric camshaft adjuster b UniAir c Dual mass flywheel with pendulum absorber d Thermal management module Electric mobility Schaeffler expects about 30 of all automobiles to be powered by electricity in 2030 and Schaeffler s products will help decisively shape electric mobility For instance the thermal management module TMM of the future will not only control the cooling circuits of the engine and the transmission but also those of electric traction systems The electric axle for them is supplied by Schaeffler as well a Thermal management module b Electric axle 321 1 3 a b c ab c a b d 5

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