that problem Emissions can be reduced espe cially after a cold start Cold oil in the engine and transmission increases friction fuel con sumption and thus harmful emissions At the IAA Schaeffl er is presenting the second gener ation thermal management module It controls the cooling circuits of the engine transmission and if necessary additional electric drive sys tems including the traction battery The circuits can be shut off so that the units can warm up faster Savings of up to three percent can even be demonstrated in the NEDC New European Drive Cycle measurement method On a short trip following a cold start in winter weather this value increases once more The valve train of an engine harbors further potential to limit consumption explains Prof Pleus Schaeffl er is the world s fi rst supplier to have developed an electric camshaft adjuster It is able to adjust the camshaft at a crankshaft angular velocity of 600 to 800 degrees per sec ond This exceeds the level achieved by the hy draulic systems conventionally used so far by a factor of two to ten The advantage is that open ing and closing times of the intake valves can be varied this way and as a result the air fl ow into the cylinders be adjusted more eff ectively Systems that shut off the cylinders in low load conditions reduce fuel consumption as well Schaeffl er has developed a hydrau lic switchable valve tappet to deactivate in dividual cylinders In 2018 production of the fi rst three cylinder engine with such a system from Herzogenaurach will be launched In novative damper technologies by Schaeffl er i e a dual mass fl ywheel with an integrated Quick adjuster Electric camshaft adjustment is far superior to hydraulic systems Even in an extreme scenario more than two in three new vehicles will still have an IC engine on board in the future Prof Peter Gutzmer Chief Technology Offi cer Fully variable From phase adjusters to switchable tappets through to the fully variable valve control system UniAir pictured Schaeffl er off ers a comprehensive modular kit for valve train variability Comfortable economy Assisted by converter systems including new integrated damper technology automatic transmissions are role models in terms of effi ciency Schaeffl er s portfolio includes the innovative iTC converter 6

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