centrifugal pendulum type absorber are used to control NVH noise vibration harshness performance Solutions for various layouts If a conventional powertrain is electrifi ed by means of a 48 volt system consumption can be reduced even further Schaeffl er off ers solutions for diff erent architectures from belt crankshaft driven versions to the inte gration into the engine transmission unit and through to a separate axle drive If the electric motor and the battery are designed to enable active coasting the IC engine can even be shut off in these coasting phases A high voltage hybrid module in a plug in hybrid drive system even paves the way to local ly emission free driving across longer distan ces Since 2010 Schaeffl er has been supplying ma jor components for such a system now being followed by the next generation The future hy brid module will be able to transfer torques of Clever axle Schaeffl er s E Axle marks a major milestone on the way toward electrifi ed IC engine powertrains It can be used in fully electric automobiles as well Modular e mobility Schaeffl er off ers engineering design solutions for the various systems and arrangements Pictured here is an electric drive unit with a disengagement clutch and transmission up to 800 Nm The power fl ow within the unit has been patented In addition the hybrid mod ule can be combined with the converter of au tomatic transmissions allowing even car trailer combinations with high mass to comfortably pull off from rest using electric power Schaeffl er completes its portfolio with elec tric traction systems for axles or wheel integrat ed units Whereas the wheel hub motor is still in a pre development stage volume produc tion of the electric axle is about to be launched in four diff erent projects 7

Vorschau Schaeffler Fact Sheet XXL - IAA 2017 EN Seite 7
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