Schaeffler s new E Mobility business unit now pools engineering products and system solu tions for hybrid as well as fully battery electric vehicles Proceeding from individual solu tions Schaeffl er from an overall perspective on electrified powertrain topologies is going to evolve into a company providing technological Electrified powertrain architectures challenge automotive engineering As early as at the end of the nineties Schaeffler set the course for this age with hybrid products in the transmission environment E mobility as a new business unit Highly integrated The P2 hybrid module combines the electric motor with an automated disconnect clutch total system solutions says Matthias Zink CEO Automotive at Schaeffler Schaeffler is already one of the preferred technology partners of the automotive in dustry today Emission reducing vehicle and powertrain concepts of the future depend on holistic system solutions of the kind already found in the company s portfolio today The electric control side the mechanical and the mechatronic elements are already available as components at Schaeffler but may be fully integrated as well Reducing consumption with an eye on cost Around the globe Schaeffler is working on various production orders for powerful high voltage hybrid modules 48 volt hybrid modules bridge the gap on the IC engine s road to an electric future With their help auto mobiles can pull off and maneuver on electric power maintain speed in urban traffic in fully electric mode and efficiently recuperate energy while braking At affordable cost this technol ogy helps tap into significant savings potential and reduce consumption Individual hybrid powertrain configura tions as well as battery electric vehicles with out an IC engine in turn depend on electric ax les Schaeffler offers a wide range of designs 8

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