Source archdaily com Source Council of tall buildings SKYSCRAPERS 144 skyscrapers with a height of over 200 meters 656 were completed in 2017 compared to ten in 1996 Source Council of tall buildings ZERO high rises taller than 200 meters 656 have been torn down to date Previous record the Singer Building in New York City with 187 meters 614 that was demolished in 1968 Next year also in NYC the 200 meter mark is supposed to be surpassed the 215 meter 705 tall headquarters of the JPMorgan Chase bank will clear the way for a 150 meter 492 taller successor 33 073 high rise buildings more than 35 meters 115 tall are found in South Korea s capital Seoul more than in any other metropolis in the world trailed in second place by Moscow with 12 092 828 METERS 2 717 FT tall is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai a world record since 2010 In 2021 it might be broken when the 1 002 meter 3 287 tall Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is completed Tokyo is contemplating a 1 600 meter 1 mile giant Experts think that even taller buildings are feasible Especially if skyscrapers no longer rise high as standalones but merge into units complementing each other in terms of supply and disposal services as well as transportation and rescue routes 11 10

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