one cubic meter 35 3 cubic feet of trunk space And it s already beginning to cross the threshold between vision and reality the first vehicles are scheduled for delivery to customers next year One size larger is the Mover another Schaeffler pro totype and configurable as People or Cargo versions thanks to flexible body styles Electric wheel hub motors on the outer corners enable the vehicle to whir through the streets with zero emissions maximize cargo capacity and thanks to a steering system with 90 degree turn makes maneuvering in very small spaces possible As the Schaeffler Mover is an autonomous city vehicle it could for example provide the connecting link in a supply chain between the manufacturer and distributors or retailers and thanks to its minimal space requirement even oper ate in the aisles between warehouse racks Systems evolve and merge The electric postal delivery vans of Deutsche Post are already a first harbinger of zero emissions trans portation of goods Generally speaking it s more like ly for the systems from cargo bicycle couriers to In Hamburg Volvo has been deploying an electric garbage truck for on street testing The vehicle still has a driver and crew on board but fully automated systems are being planned in the disposal sector as well This is the vision which the architectural design and engineering firm Foster Partners has of a Hyperloop cargo terminal largely automated and directly linked with other means of transportation like trucks trains ships or even drones outlook 101

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