autonomous trucks to continue to evolve and merge than for a single disruptive technology to upend delivery traffi c When futurist Marianne Reeb would like to see half empty buses haul parcels or the fi rst start ups are flexibly hiring privately owned passenger cars as deliv ery vehicles Uber style the future is already knocking on today s doors Plus due to modern technologies the number of goods that no longer need to be shipped because they no longer physically exist may increase as well CDs being replaced by streaming are a case in point or letters having been replaced by emails Also more and more recipients particularly in the manufacturing indus try are now producing parts themselves that used to be supplied to them 3D printing being a key technology in this context The raw material requires less cargo space than the fi nished product In particularly bold visions it s even pumped to the users through pipelines like water and gas SCHAEFFLER MOVER CARGO Autonomous operation 24 7 use possible 4 e wheel hub motors Intelligent Corner Module 13 kW permanent output 25 kW peak output each 90 degree steering angle enables lateral driving and parking 5 meter 16 4 foot turning circle Entire powertrain technology in Rolling Chassis Easily scalable chassis size thanks to Intelligent Corner Modules Customizable body styles up to and including refrigeration van Body changeable without chassis modifi cations Any useful idea of the future should appear ridiculous Futurist James Allen Dator s Second Law of the Future 102 103

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