When buildings streets cars and traffic lights begin to communicate with each other a new age is dawning The smart city changes transportation makes local government more efficient and assists citizens with better services New cell phone networks and innovative blockchain applications are the prerequisites for making this happen by Torsten Meise CITIES IN THE NET OF THINGS For skeptics it s only a slow decentralized data base but for many urban developers and smart city en thusiasts it s a revelation the blockchain in which a constantly growing list of transaction datasets is stored see infographic on page 112 113 What began as a base technology for crypto currencies like Bitcoin is currently inspiring a wealth of ideas for creative applications in the city of the future The possibility of connecting users via a blockchain and organizing secure payment transfers with out a central clearing place acts like an initial spark The blockchain as a reliable data guard In New York s Brooklyn borough for instance a small network has been established that serves as a grid for distributing solar energy produced by the participating citizens themselves User payments are transacted on the basis of a blockchain completely without involvement of an electric utility In Taiwan s capital Taipeh the Berlin based IOTA Foundation is currently developing a citizen s card that s intended for use of various local government and healthcare services Here distributed ledger technology which is the generic term for the various versions of transaction databases such as the blockchain is used as well Payments and personal data require special protection and the blockchain seems to be particularly well suited for this purpose Very ambitious aims are pursued by Dubai The city on the Persian Gulf will host the EXPO 2020 world exposition and is aiming to become the leading pi oneer in local blockchain applications by that time All administrative transactions that can be digitized in some form are supposed to migrate to the block chain There s talk about the creation of a blockchain outlook 109

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