NOMADIC CITIES On caterpillar tracks and rails in the sea or in the air plans for nomadic cities emerge from time to time The Very Large Structure by Manuel Dominguez depicted here moves at a pace of 14 km h 8 7 mph A utopian vision Yes but especially in mining regions currently for instance the town of Kiruna in Sweden with 18 000 inhabitants or in places where man made dams are being built nomadic cities are not unusual except that there moving on always means tearing down and building again from scratch 16 M2 OF LIVING SPACE 172 SQ FT IN MONACO S PRIME LOCATION COST 1 MILLION DOLLARS PUTTING THE PRINCIPALITY IN THE TOP SPOT OF THE GLOBAL RANKING OF TOP CLASS REAL ESTATE AHEAD OF HONG KONG 22 M2 236 SQ FT NEW YORK 25 M2 269 SQ FT AND LONDON 28 M2 301 SQ FT I LL PRINT ME A HOUSE 25 of all buildings are supposed to be produced by 3D printers in Dubai by 2030 The emirate is planning to become the world s capital of 3D printing As early as in 2016 a ready to use o ce building including interior furnishings was realized using 3D printers pictures Printing time 17 days But elsewhere in the world buildings are tumbling out of printers as well The Dutch company MX3D for instance used the forward thinking technology to build a pedestrian bridge for Amsterdam among other things In Nantes France subsidized housing is planned to be printed and the Russian company Apis Cor is promising to produce a printed shell for a detached house in 24 hours The Italian company WASP is planning to develop a printer that can use straw and soil as materials for low cost hous ing in developing countries THE BIGGEST CITIES OF THE FUTURE Forecast by the Global Cities Institute Toronto population in millions 2100 LAGOS NIGERIA 882075 Kinshasa Congo 582050 Mumbai India 42 4 2018 Tokyo Japan 38 Source Engel Völkers Real Estate global 11

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