Scientists are even already developing the next 6G network It s supposed to make data rates of up to 400 Gbit s possible currently achieved only by fi ber op tics Almost more important though than the data rate will be the capability of the network to accommo date a lot more devices than the current technology and achieve extremely low latencies This is ideal for the many new connected things and applications rely ing on instant responses such as those involved in au tomated driving The smart city of the future will be based on the Internet of Things 5G will accelerate this development and even enable many IoT applications for smart cit ies Bart Gorynski is convinced Data in real time combined with higher data throughput and lower laten cies also have the potential to save lives says the smart city expert In healthcare settings or rescue oper ations every second counts when rescue workers re quire information Augmented reality applications in real time that can show the way though a building to a rescue team in case of fi re are an example of ideas for sensible uses of the capabilities of the new mobile communications network The Hamburg port authority is already developing such applications for its pilots who have to guide the large container ships through the narrow consistently changing Elbe river The new net work is eagerly awaited there as well Or more precise ly any kind of network because even today the pilots navigating the North German Plain cannot even be reached by phone in some places 75 of all citizens around the world do not feel suffi ciently informed by authorities about the benefi ts of smart cities according to a survey by ISACA an association for IT security professionals THE AUTHOR Torsten Meise is a journalist and has been writing about technology and urban development topics for more than three decades He primarily views the smart city as an opportunity for concepts that make better and more sustainable urban life possible outlook 111

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