STATEMENTS STRONG One thing that s in particularly short supply in many cities is space Public recreational areas are o en the rst places to be sacri ced to growing urban densi cation The solution to this dilemma high rise construction As part of her graduation project at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem Lilach Borenstein proposed a multi story Monument of Void to which visitors could retreat to take a break in various topographies be it for skating climbing chatting or to just enjoy the view Similar concepts also exist with green areas growing high into the air HIGH RISE RETREAT AVERAGE LIVING SPACE PER PERSON IN M2 SQ FT United States Germany China Brazil Russia Turkey Nigeria 45 484 30 323 18 194 24 258 22 237 6 65 75 807 One should build the cities in the countryside the air is better there Henri Bonaventure Monnier 1799 1877 French writer One thing is sure The Earth is now more cultivated and developed than ever before and cities are springing up on an unprecedented scale We ve become a burden to our planet Resources are becoming scarce and soon nature will no longer be able to satisfy our needs Quintus Septimus Florens Tertullianus Roman theologian around 200 AD In urban terms the vision of a civilized city that I propose is not one that has highways but in which a child on a tricycle can move around safely Enrique Peñalosa 1954 Columbian economist and politician God made the country and man made the town William Cowper 1731 1800 English poet If nature had been comfortable mankind would never have invented architecture Oscar Wilde 1854 1900 Irish poet and playwright 12 13

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