processes are usually completed quickly In addition the government makes funding available for domestic and foreign companies says Mayer Furthermore the government works closely with businesses and scien tific institutions Decision makers in the respective min istries and authorities are receptive to innovations and new ideas Since the beginning of 2017 the 39 year old engineer has been developing the Schaeffler Hub for Ad vanced Research SHARE at Nanyang Technological Uni versity NTU and the Research Centre for Micro Mobility with a current team of 15 scientists and engineers Hand in hand with science SHARE at NTU is part of Schaeffler s glob al innovation network within the scope of Schaeffler s Mobility for Tomorrow strategy The approach pur sues the Company on Campus concept that already proved its viability in the collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute for Technology Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg and most recently with Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu China Schaeffler em ployees in the region are working hand in hand with scientists and students A multinational team from Indo nesia Malaysia China India and Germany overseen by Mayer investigates questions relating to urban mobility intended to result in new services and products Where driving a car is a luxury Dr Marcel Ph Mayer has been living in Singapore since the beginning of 2017 He doesn t drive an automo bile for good reason as this is a luxury in the city state that only has a size of 719 square kilometers 278 square miles High toll and parking fees plus an officially limited purchasing permit have made cars increasingly expensive in recent years Currently some 575 000 privately owned vehicles are traveling the street network of some 3 300 kilometers 2 050 miles that accounts for twelve percent of the land area Most recently the number of cars has increased by merely 0 25 to 0 5 percent Since February 2018 Singapore has no longer been registering any new cars In the future registrations will only be possible if an other vehicle was previously deregistered and the certifi cate with a validity of ten years is available on the market again The price is determined by an auction most recent ly it was the equivalent of about 33 000 euros as much as the price for a new mid size car Priority for buses and trains Singapore s citizens however are well practiced in temperance They ve learned to forego a few person al freedoms for the sake of the common good Reason of state is of paramount importance in this context one of the unwritten laws of the social contract in the island state and at the same time the basis for the country s rapid economic development since its independence Singapore is intended to become a bicycle friendly city By 2030 the network of bike paths is supposed to grow to 700 km 435 mi global 17

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