the attractiveness of public transportation says Ngien Hoon Ping CEO of Singapore s Land Transport Authority A mecca for the mobility avant garde The local conditions have long brought OEMs like Peugeot BMW and Daimler into the arena Goo gle s parent Alphabet is represented as well And ac tively involved right in the middle is the local mobility service Grab that acquired the South East Asian busi ness of competitor Uber at the beginning of the year In addition there are numerous startups such as nu Tonomy that develops software for robotic taxis Sca nia from Volkswagen Truck Bus is developing and testing platooning solutions for the harbors under an agreement with the Singapore Ministry of Transport An autonomous truck convoy is planned to transport con tainers between two terminals in the future Floatility a startup from Hamburg is present as well Because the domestic market has largely been closed to the compa ny s founders so far the manufacturer of electric mini scooters went to Singapore where it s now offering its scooters in a sharing service Light electric vehicles are booming Such Personal Mobility Devices PMD can be seen everywhere in the streets They also include mi cro electric vehicles such as electric longboards or driv able transportation platforms The last mile in other words distances that people would normally have to walk can be covered much faster and more comfort ably with them PMDs are also used to deliver food and meals directly to people s homes by delivery ser vices such as Uber Eats Foodpanda or McDelivery In LOCAL PARTNERS Andreas Schick left then Regional CEO Asia Pacific and today Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for Production Logistics and Purchasing initiated the collaboration with Nanyang Technological University NTU in Singapore together with Chief Technology Officer Prof Peter Gutzmer Prof Lam Khin Yong NTU Director of Research and Prof Yoon Soon Fatt Chair School of Electrical Electronic Engineering at NTU The research budget about 3 2 million euros for the next three years is intended to accelerate the development of vehicles and systems for urban transportation 3 1 million passengers per day are served by the metro network Source Land Transport Authority Singapur from Malaysia in 1965 In return Singapore s citizens expect progress and efficiency in their everyday lives The city s public transportation system stands for this For years the bus and train network has been consis tently expanded for billions of euros and is one of the most reliable public transit systems in the world Mayer like a major part of the population rides the metro He commutes between his home his office and the NTU A train stops every three to four minutes and route plan ning is convenient via an app and in real time Plus it s extremely inexpensive An on demand bus service and automated people movers for the distance from the door step to the train station are intended to further enhance 19 18

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