1 Vienna Austria 2 Zurich Switzerland 3 Auckland New Zealand Munich Germany 5 Vancouver Canada 6 Düsseldorf Germany 7 Frankfurt Germany 8 Geneva Switzerland 9 Copenhagen Denmark 10 Basel Switzerland Sydney Australia Good healthcare and infrastructure protection against natural disasters or hackers safety and security is more than just protection against crimes of violence Here s a look at the world s ten safest cities 1 Tokyo Japan 2 Singapore 3 Osaka Japan 4 Toronto Canada 5 Melbourne Australia 6 Amsterdam Netherlands 7 Sydney Australia 8 Stockholm Sweden 9 Hong Kong China 10 Zurich Switzerland THE CITIES WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF LIFE THE SAFEST CITIES Source Safe Cities Index 2017 People expect greater prosperity and a better life in cities But which city actually o ers the highest quality of life The consultancy rm Mercer conducts an annual survey that considers political social economic and environmental aspects Source Mercer 2018 22 23

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