Source Basel Institute of Commons and Economics AG 1 San Francisco USA 2 London United Kingdom 3 New York USA 4 Seoul South Korea 5 Los Angeles USA 6 Boston USA 7 Taipei Taiwan 8 Toronto Canada 9 Singapore 10 Amsterdam Netherlands THE RICHEST CITIES Doha Qatar Luxembourg Macau Singapore San José USA Zurich Switzerland Monaco Geneva Switzerland Boston USA Kuwait City Kuwait 156 968 114 672 93 891 84 385 82 414 82 410 78 965 77 643 76 204 75 732 The economic strength of a city is measured by the Gross Domestic Product GDP It is the total of all the value generated within a city adjusted by the inflation rate A per capita GDP calculation makes cities of diverse sizes geographic locations and political conditions comparable THE MOST INNOVATIVE CITIES High speed internet smart streets innovative sewer systems clever high rises the big city of the future will have to completely change com pared to today These cities are already perfectly prepared according to Tech Insider Source Tech Insider 2016 global 23

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