WEITERE REKORDVERDÄCHTIGE STÄDTE OTHER POSSIBLY RECORD BREAKING CITIES When does a town qualify as a city There is no internationally valid definition THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY IN THE WORLD is Ciudad Juárez In the Mexican American border town someone is murdered about every three hours Responsible for the bloody violence is a war between the Juárez and Sinaloa drug gangs that has been raging since 2008 is Longyearbyen The capital of the Svalbard archipelago Norway has a population of more than 2 000 and is inhabited all year round The town is located 1 300 kilometers 807 8 miles from the North Pole at 78 degrees North latitude THE NORTHERNMOST CITY IN THE WORLD THE HIGHEST CITY IN THE WORLD is in Peru at an elevation of 5 100 meters 16 700 feet The 40 000 inhabitants of La Rinconada make a living by working in a gold mine albeit in poor circumstances There is neither running water nor a sewer system more than likely is Puerto Williams on the Chilean Navarino Island It is located at 54 degrees South latitude and has a population of 2 700 Clearly smaller settlements and research stations inhabited all year round are located in the Antarctic region The Amundsen Scott Station is even directly on the South Pole THE SOUTHERNMOST CITY IN THE WORLD is Herzogenaurach Three global corporations Adidas Puma and Schaeffler are headquartered in the small town resulting in 22 500 jobs for 23 500 inhabitants For comparison neighboring Nuremberg 511 000 inhabitants not even offers one in two of its inhabitants a job totaling 207 000 A SUCCESSFUL CITY 26 27

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