with an average temperature of 46 8 degrees centigrade 116 24 degrees Fahrenheit is the Iranian desert city Ahvaz Top temperatures of 55 degrees centigrade 131 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade are not uncommon for its 1 3 million inhabitants with a population density of some 47 400 inhabitants per square kilometer 0 38 square miles is Bangladesh s capital Dhaka For comparison the population density of Berlin is about 4 000 inhabitants per square kilometer THE MOST DENSELY POPULATED CITY IN THE WORLD has an average temperature of minus 50 degrees centigrade minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months Even so some 460 people feel at home in Oymyakon Russia In 2013 the record temperature to date was measured minus 71 2 degrees centigrade 96 2 degrees Fahrenheit THE COLDEST CITY IN THE WORLD according to India s Ministry of Environment is Mumbai Especially the deafening noise of traffic in the streets and the countless large construction sites make for an enormously high sound level THR NOISIEST CITY IN THE WORLD THE WARMEST CITY IN THE WORLD THE LOWEST CITY IN THE WORLD is located about 250 meters 850 feet below sea level Jericho in the autonomous Palestinian territories has some 22 000 inhabitants THE SMALLEST CITY IN THE WORLD according to Guinness World Records is Hum a village in Western Croatia with less than 30 inhabitants However the title Smallest city in the world is used by other places such as Durbuy in Belgium as well for promotional purposes Germany s smallest town is Arnis in Schleswig Holstein with a population of 274 global 27

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