Get on board and join us on a city tour with the current is sue of our technology magazine tomorrow It will take you around the globe on 116 pages From Mexico City via Washington and Paris to Singapore and on to Tokyo All of these places are metropolises that keep growing growing growing That is why urbanization is not just the focus topic of this magazine but one that has implica tions for all people on our planet By 2050 70 percent of the world population will be living in cities according to a UN forecast An incredible number And 90 percent of urban growth will happen in Asia and Africa In China Chongqing and its surroundings already cover an area the size of Austria and are home to near ly 30 million people The planned Jing Jin Ji metropolitan region which is to be created by Beijing Tianjin and the Hebei province growing together in an area of 216 000 square kilometers 83 400 square miles will be near ly as large as Austria Hungary and Slovakia combined 130 million people will be living there Like people any where in the world they want to be provided for mobile and comfortable in ways that are as eco friendly as pos sible Cities like Vienna Zurich and Auckland are exam ples of how to accomplish this These three big cities are supposed to have the highest quality of life in the world according to a survey In our big city ranking starting on page 20 you can look up the richest safest most expen sive or even dirtiest cities That the world has become a city as the U S his torian Lewis Mumford wrote in 1961 is the result of a development that began more than 20 000 years ago That s how old a fishing village is that Israeli archaeolo gists discovered near the Sea of Galilee Locations near water have always been advantageous and a reason why many cities are where they are read more about the top ic of historic urban development in our rubric in motion starting on page 34 For Schaeffler urbanization alongside climate change globalization and digitalization is one of the four mega trends that will determine the way we re go ing to live tomorrow with respect to technology soci ety and business These four mega trends are closely interlinked And they represent both challenges and op portunities provided these trends are systematically addressed today At Schaeffler we are addressing them In several of the 20 initiatives of our forward thinking Agenda 4 plus One program urbanization plays a key role be it with respect to modern workplaces pro cesses and production sites logistics IT or sustainabil ity Our E Mobility initiative in particular ties in with urbanization focused also on our research and devel opment center for urban mobility in Singapore Start ing on page 14 you can find out what kind of research and development we conduct there and why Singapore is especially well suited for this purpose Schaeffler has developed two environmentally friendly vehicle con cepts the Bio Hybrid and the self driving Mover for urban areas Thanks to their modular design they can be used for both local passenger transportation more on this topic starting on page 88 and logistics supply ing the people in modern metropolises starting on page 98 with goods We developed these two vehicles with a lot of passion based on many years of expertise They re part of our response to the question of how mobility for tomorrow can function in an urban environment I m delighted that you re taking the time again to experience technology with Schaeffler and hope you ll enjoy the read of our latest issue of tomorrow DEAR READER Klaus Rosenfeld Chief Executive Officer editor ial 3

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