you can t access the tracks without having paid in the first place Today though you can hardly see anyone in serting a paper ticket from a vending machine into the slots of the access gates anymore Even most tourists are sold on the rechargeable cash cards you just hold in front of a sensor at the beginning and end of your trip and that automatically debit the correct amount of the fare If you don t have enough money on your card you can locally recharge it Now it s even possible to have the credit on your cash card automatically replenished from your own bank or credit card account as soon as the balance drops below a specified amount The Kinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku used to of fer books on several large floors of the building Now the offering has been reduced to international books and the remainder of the space converted into a furni ture store Life is no longer easy for bookstores in Japan either For my book search I was able to use the on site search computer that issues a small slip of paper with a map and number of the shelf for each title searched I don t need that though Although I may get lost in the streets of the city from time to time I do know my way around in its bookstores Noodles between tracks I probably spent more time at Kinokuniya than planned so for lunch there ll just be tachigui soba liter ally meaning stand up soba noodles Today though the expression no longer needs to be taken quite so literal ly There are soba fast food restaurants that offer other types of noodles as well and in some cases even seat ing Common to all of them is that they re located on the platforms of train stations surrounded by the noise of trains entering and leaving on either side of the track This way business travelers in a hurry don t have far to go when plagued by hunger pains You order and pay for your meal at a vending machine before entering the small booth and giving the ticket to the waiter or wait ress inside The vending machine in front of the shop at my home station has a touchscreen and can be switched to several languages I normally like trying my skills with the Japanese original but this time consideration for the other hungry people in the line behind me demands that I get moving So I give up and switch to English which prompts the machine to incessantly yell at me in a pen etrating voice PLEASE INSERT YOUR MONEY NOW PLEASE WAIT PLEASE TAKE YOUR RECEIPT A cup of coffee after the meal but not at the cof fee shop again No problem There s a vending machine around every corner with a selection of canned coffee so extensive that it s not conducive to making quick choic es Paying attention to the small labels posted in front of the cans is advisable to prevent nasty surprises Red means scalding hot and blue ice cold Both harmoni ously reside in the same machine Not surprisingly fol lowing the natural and energy disasters in March 2011 shutting off the beverage vending machines was one of the first energy conservation actions taken My afternoon belongs to working in my office at home and more than likely is pretty similar to home of fice afternoons in other parts of the world A commonly known home office rule is to never work in your pajamas because wearing PJs will make you think sleep I d add the rule to never work in your living room because when sitting in your living room you ll think done for the day However before my work day actually ends I mustn t for get to pick up my child from the daycare center Once everyone s at home well fed and the youngest family member exhausted and gone to sleep on the family s fu ton the relaxing part of the evening could begin If you feel like chilling out over a drink and some nibble snacks you can stop by the next convenience store colloquially called a konbini There are some 55 000 of them in Japan one per about 23 000 people A konbini is a supermarket OVER 5 MILLION vending machines exist in Japan for beverages umbrellas fish soup or even face masks for protection against the flue The products if at all are only slightly more expensive than those bought at a store The machines generate annual sales of over 50 billion euros Since the nineties customers wishing to buy drinks like beer or sake or cigarettes will have to identify themselves to the machines 30 31

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