WHY WE LOVE TOKYO I m Christiane Tietz I ve been living in Tokyo since August 1 2017 At Schaeff ler I work as a team coordinator in the com munications department At the moment I m on parental leave in Japan Tokyo is special because of its cleanliness and safety like all of Japan In what other international big city can you use the public restrooms without any concerns or briefly leave your cell phone or wallet unattended Of course at the moment I m delighted about the wealth of things available to mothers and babies Hassle free shopping No problem You can rent strollers at the malls and aft erwards make your child s heart beat faster at one of the numerous indoor playgrounds I m Christoph Klaar I ve been living in Tokyo since December 1 2016 At Schaeff ler I work in project management for trans mission applications In addition I view my role as that of a bridge between the German and the Japanese side of our company Tokyo is special because you can be very relaxed about living in the city due to its good organization and the Japanese mentality Where else can you wake up in the morning on the 41st floor on a man made island with a view of the city all the way to Mount Fuji Together with my wife I enjoy taking a boat to Odaiba one of the neigh boring islands There we enjoy sitting in a café shopping or just taking a walk on the beach Tokyo is huge And full of variety Above all Tokyo is livable and lovable a sentiment that these fi ve Schaeff ler employees living there as expats share as well We re Natalia Pryakhina and Laura Studer We ve been living in Tokyo since April 1 2018 At Schaeff ler we re doing an internship abroad for several months Natalia is involved in working on innovative industrial products and Laura optimizes interface processes in the HR department Tokyo is special because it s a city of contrasts Directly next to the world famous and very tradi tional Meiji Shrine you can fi nd the craziest things on Takeshita Street in Harajuku Subsequently you ll cross the world s largest crosswalk in Shibu ja If our feet still support us aft er that we ll spend the night dancing in one of the countless small clubs in Roppongi The city simply never sleeps I m Pierre Lamothe I ve been living in Tokyo since March 1 2017 At Schaeff ler I work in key account management for our customer Renault Nis san Mitsubishi Tokyo is special because it has numer ous excellent restaurants with Japanese as well as international cuisine None of the izakayas has ever disappointed me on the contrary I keep experiencing extremely positive surprises global 31

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