besides the konbinis are truly a shopping institution in Japan used by people from all walks of life Any everyday item costs 100 yen 105 incl taxes in other words less than one Euro The merchandise ranges from useful to quirky from household to joke items Japan expert Neuenkirchen recommends A visit will be most gratifying when you go into a 100 yen shop without any preconceived notions and allow it to dictate your wishes to you 100 yen shops TOKYO IN NUMBERS is the year in which the city s history begins when Edo Castle is built Not until 1886 Edo is renamed Tokyo which translates into eastern capital Position 1 people per day use the Tokyo subway During rush hour the trains are sometimes jam packed so that oshiyas pushers push the passengers into the cabins from the outside is Tokyo s spot in a comparison of cities by the travel portal TripAdvisor in terms of public transportation taxi cleanliness and safety 1446 8 7 million 33 32

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