stationery and consumer electronics store a liquor store and coff ee shop a drugstore ice cream parlor pharma cy post offi ce a bank and social hub all rolled into one This is where I scan copy and fax documents as well Why should I own a multifunctional device when there are at least six konbinis close by So I d rather use the space on my desk for one or two extra stacks of books At a konbi ni I can also pay for our orders from various online shops or pick up the merchandise and at the automatic teller machines of the 7 Eleven chain I can even draw money around the clock using my German card Neither of these conveniences can be taken for granted as most ATMs are not very accommodating of foreign banks When using my Japanese card though I m oft en faced with the prob lem that local banks have operating hours for their ATMs as well Even when the night is still pretty young you fre quently get the message Please come back tomorrow Colorful and fancy Once fi nances have been taken care of snacks and drinks secured it s time to watch TV Japanese tele vision sometimes strikes me as if its makers had just invented color still fascinated by the gamut of its possi bilities Yet as colorful and fancy as the sets and cos tumes may be we tend to fi nd content to pale by comparison with presentation So we prefer streaming our TV shows from less colorful countries Aft er all we get to enjoy our fair share of Japan during the day and tomorrow s another day THE AUTHOR Monocle magazine has ranked Tokyo as the most liv able city for three years run ning Yet nearly every travel guide includes this warning Tokyo is not a beautiful city Even so An dreas Neuenkirchen chose to stay with his wife and child and in a delightfully entertaining way reveals the secret of why the city he now calls home is one that makes people happy in its own unique ways That s also why his latest book is titled Happy Tokyo Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics All the sports venues are supposed to be accessible on public transit systems within 30 minutes 2020 people live in the city of Tokyo In the metropolitan area which includes the megapolises Saitama Chiba Yokohama and Kawasaki the population is 38 05 million more than in any other metropolitan area in the world 9 5 million global 33

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