Commerce and markets have been driving the prosperity of our cities for cen turies Markets would supply the popula tion of a city with food clothing and news The end of the 19th century rang in a Eu rope wide trend of covering marketplac es primarily for reasons of hygiene As department stores and supermarkets emerged both open air and covered markets suffered a massive loss in impor tance Many market halls began to deteri orate Some of them however were saved and converted for other uses like muse ums concert halls or food courts Even some new halls were built Such a mod ern day market hall has existed in the Dutch city of Rotterdam since 2014 Actually the horseshoe shaped eleven story building is a small city itself It has shops restaurants bars 1 200 parking spaces and even 228 apartments and of course a market place Remarkably architect Winy Maas com pleted the Rotterdam Markthal project within the scheduled construction period of five years and also adhered to the budgeted construction costs of 175 million euros MARKET HALL 4 0 34 35

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